Saturday, April 23, 2011

One from the autumn


Seems like forever since I posted, but I think its only a couple of weeks. Have been very busy getting ready for the upcoming exhibition and now that the pressure is off I am finding it difficult to paint. This one I did from sketches I made last autumn in a friends garden, and only finished a week or so ago.

If anyone is in the area on Friday 29th April feel free to join us at the opening at 7.00pm in the Grain Store, Ballymaloe, Co Cork.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Haven’t posted for a while, been busy trying to finish paintings for the exhibition.Still life jug

This is a small painting 7x5 inches on canvas board, I started it about 12 months ago, but it wasn’t going right so it got put away, now I’ve finished it , I think its reasonably ok. Don’t do many still lifes.


Here’s another 7x5, again was started some time ago and left, don’t know why because its a subject I know really well, as I see it from my windows at home. Any way it’s finished now and framed.