Friday, January 14, 2011

EDM Callenge 304



I tried to think of something less obvious to sketch for this challenge but the brain wasn’t being very ambitious, so I settled for tying shoelaces and tying a belt. I tried to sketch fairly fast so that the sketches remained fairly loose. I find using just pencil very difficult as far as getting the values correct, but this is great practice and does stand to one when using colour.


I am a member of a local art group and we meet fairly regularly with the aim of painting or sketching, this normally degenerates quickly into a wine tasting event , but above is a quick watercolour sketch from last autumn when we resisted the alcohol and actually worked outside.


  1. I'd say you nailed the challenge without a doubt ^^

  2. Great job with this challenge, and I was wondering .... is there room for 1 more in your art group? Oh yes, I forgot -- you're across the pond. Darn!! lol nancy

  3. I like how you've drawn the laces without outlining the shoe, an original way to do it.

    Love the boats in your latest post too.

  4. Great job on the challenge! I like how you isolated just that main bit.

  5. Striking painting, I love it. Her expression is so well captured.
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