Gallery 1

"Life's a  bitch".Acrylic on paper.12"x8". €125.00 FRAMED

"Play with us Daddy" Watercolour on paper 12"x8"€125.00 FRAMED

"Wet night in Manhattan" Watercolour on paper 12" x8 €125.00 FRAMED

"Rastaman" Watercolour on paper 8"x12" €125.00 SOLD
"Puffins" Acrylic on canvas board. 7"x5" €125.00 FRAMED SOLD

1 comment:

  1. The Puffins are mad, crazy good ! They're all looking in, but from different angles. The blue works, too....Not very many colors..and perfectly stated. These are great !

    I envy your ability with the human face. Your Rastaman's expression is deep, and pensive...and he's looking right at me. Wonderfully done....