Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back at last......again

Been away for a long time, don't know why, just have'nt found the inspiration to post, find it much easier to paint than to write. I've been working steadily throughout the summer, that period of the year when we are supposed to have sun, at least all the rain forced me to work.
Gone back to watercolours after years dodging them and have to say I'm enjoying them and if I say so myself...I think with reasonable success.
Started teaching again this week, the first class since before the summer, was quite nervous at first but soon got back into the swing , just as well as from next week will be doing 5 classes a week.
I see on some of the art sites a big hooha over the winner of a big competition in the States, and once again the subject of using photos rears its head. While I think the important thing in this is actually having the skill to make a successful rendering of a photo, I do not think anyone should make a total copy and call it their own. I use photos all the time, my own, but would not have a problem using photos belonging to others, for inspiration.

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  1. Phil - could you maybe look at your blog title? It comes up as an exclamation mark in your feed on people's blogs