Monday, June 8, 2009

Back home

While I have been home from Poland for more than a week, I have'nt yet knuckled down to painting, although I have been running my classes, so I will have to be satisfied with a photo taken in Poland of White Storks nesting . It was a joy to see the tolerance with which these birds are treated, even to the extent of nesting poles being erected for them where there were no suitable chimneys; I doubt that they would be given the same consideration in Ireland.
What a beautiful country Poland is, it reminded me of my childhood in England when the farming methods still allowed wild flowers to proliferate in the meadows and there were butterflies and grasshoppers everywhere. presumably being a member of the EU will soon change this, and intensive farming methods will take over as they did here, with the resultant weed killers and insecticides being used liberally, to the detriment of the flora and fauna and ultimately to the detriment of our own species.
On the art scene , I have been approached by another gallery to exhibit my work, so on the marketing side, things are looking up, although on the actual sales side the recession seems to really be biting, it is even affecting the sales of prints. I suppose this is no wonder, people really seem to be worried about spending on non necessities . there have been recessions before and we got through them and I am sure this one will be no different, but I think it is important for people to try and remain positive, difficult as this can be.


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  2. Looking forward to some 'Polish paintings' Phil!