Monday, June 21, 2010

Finishing up

This doesn’t apply to the blog but the many paintings I have unfinished in the studio. 


I started this painting in June of 2009, just after returning from a trip to Poland. The inspiration was a boggy area, viewed from a small bridge , which I spent hours looking at in the hope of seeing a pair of Black Woodpeckers that were nesting in a tree way at the back.

The background to the painting happened fast enough but then the inspiration ground to a halt and it has taken several reworkings and many changes to reach this stage, even then I am not sure it’s finished but after protestations from several of my students to “practice what I preach”, I have decided to leave it alone…….for now.

If anyone is in the Shanagarry , Co Cork area during the month of July, myself and a group of artists that make up The Old Road Painters , have an exhibition in the Kilkenny design centre opening on the evening of Friday the 9th and running for the month, all welcome.

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