Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coloured Pencil



For the last couple of weeks I have been practising   with coloured pencils. I really  like the feel of them, but you do need infinite patience with all the layering you have to do compared to using paint. I got the original image for this on the internet, Wet Canvas I think, which was the watering can, box and the flower pots inside the box, I added a couple of flower pots and the foreground and background flowers from my own references and imagination.Looking at it again, I have decided it needs a spider in a spiders web, maybe strung from the spout to one of the pots. I will have to use Goauche or Acrylic for this as the background is too dark to add a web with pencil.


I have another coloured pencil work nearly finished, based on this photo from the Ballycotton 10 road race this year.I will post it in the next week or so.

September 5th sees the opening an exhibition   of paintings  by  a group of artists  from my classes at INA McCARTHY for FLOWERS, Midleton Co Cork. This is their first exhibition and over 20 artists are involved,  everyone has a style of their own, so if you are anywhere near the area it’s worth a look.