Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Work in progress finished (I think!)


I keep fiddling with this, so it must be finished, I would be interested to hear opinions. I was tempted to put a couple of people in the right foreground but thought it might close down the view a bit.

Have been busy of late putting together an order of prints for the Kilkenny Group of shops, its the first order from them so hopefully they will sell well and result in more orders. Needless to say my large format printer decided to pack up at this time and I had to get them printed elsewhere.

Have to say I was not impressed by the Canon company, although its one of their printers, an iPF5000, they have no clue who fixes them in Ireland, so if anyone has had similar problems you might let me know.


  1. This is great just the way it is, no need to add anything else!

  2. I knew it...I just knew it Phil. From the first Work In Progress that you posted, I loved it. This is such a great painting. It is one of those paintings that I wish I had done.
    How can you sell it? I wouldn't want to part with it.


  3. Oh Phil, Oh Wow!! It is wonderful. I agree it is finished.

  4. I can hear my old painting teacher from college saying...sometimes you just have to walk away.
    Decide it's finished.

    I would continue to fiddle with my paintings for ever, never thinking they were "finished".

    I think it's wonderful...and finished.

  5. i think it's great just the way it is!

  6. I like the way there's so much to notice- but that bit of space in the front is really important. I think...

  7. wonderful work Phil! I think it's great :)

  8. Sorry so late to comment- I actually tried to comment the other day from my smart phone, and watched my comment vanish into smoke. Anyway, I wanted to comment on this post because I think the painting turned out great. I think the empty foreground balances the sky. I like the detail you added to the buildings, like the extended light. As for the people, I think it is so interesting what a different feel this has from the earlier version just because more people were added. It's bustling, rather than contemplative.