Friday, December 16, 2011

It’s Cold

It’s cold, very cold, I hate the cold, my studio is cold. Did I say I hate the cold.

Compared to this time last year it is almost humid at 1C but I just cannot get warm, old age creeping up?

It’s very hard to paint when your feet are cold and my studio is very hard to heat. Have I moaned enough…ok.


Thought this might bring a smile to your faces. I have been working on this for a while, acrylic on paper, my grandson about 6 months ago. I thought it was finished until I just put up the picture and I realised I haven’t painted in the zip on the right hand side , so I will call it a work in progress, especially as I now see several things that can be improved.


  1. Phil, What a sweet painting! I love the patterns, the bear and how you've handled the face of your sleeping grandson. Great job!

  2. He's lovely Phil. Get that baby with his blanket and bear on your lap and you'll warm up for sure!

  3. Hello Phil,
    Is it me or is it cold in here? Get that fire going. Ever since the chemo I seem to get cold feet really easily.
    This painting is beautiful, really beautiful.
    'I now see several things that can be improved'...I see nothing...nothing. Love the colours and the background is amazing also.
    (A proud member of the Mutual Appreciation Society).

  4. He's adorable and so sweet with his teddybear. He looks so baby soft you just want to pet and cuddle him! I hear you about the cold, it doesn't like me either...

  5. What a sweet image. I hardly dare say it, but I love the cold. My central heating system broke down yesterday (still waiting for repair men) and I spent the day wrapped up in blankets with three pairs of socks on my feet and a cat to keep me warm on the couch with a book. It was kind of cosy. But I agree with you: cold feet are a horror and the cold should be outside, not inside.

  6. Lovely painting Phil. Hope you are warmer today.

    Merry Christmas.