Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still running


Not positive that I haven’t posted this before, forgive me if I have, but my memory(and record keeping) are getting progressively worse.

This is from a series of paintings, well 4 , that I did of runners after last years Ballycotton 10 mile road race, where does the time go, its on again in two weeks! I tried to give the impression of movement in this one and I think it worked up to a point.

The weather over here is amazing for the time of year, 13c today, I hope it stays like that as I am going to Limerick on Sunday to embarrass myself ,painting En plein air with a group of fellow artists.


  1. yes I do remember this drawing, and I like how you're showing a lot of dynamics in this one =) nice work!

  2. You could enter this for one of the 2012 exhibitions perhaps?