Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Painting


I have just finished this painting, acrylic on canvas. I was suffering from artist’s block so my wife said she would set up a composition and I used her idea with a few of my own. Not sure why I put the Robin in but I think he looks ok there, what do you think? I enjoyed doing it so I think I might ask her to suggest some more ideas.

I will be at the Kilkenny Art Festival in August  and would be delighted to see anybody that’s visiting. I am sharing a shop premises with another artist, Catherine Pereira Rodgers, and  will be in the High Street Mall in the centre of Kilkenny.


  1. Nice, bright and cheerful (and quirky).
    Well done to you and your wife :-)

  2. I really like the contrast between the fresh clean flowers/leaves and the dirty painting supplies. I almost missed the bird in the corner because I was so interested in the details of your wife's arrangement.

  3. Big fan of all the bright colors you use, outstanding. My favorite part is the treatment of the paint supplies, really well done. Would be fun to contrast them with an even more delicate bouquet.

  4. I love this!! It looks large - how big is it? Anyway, I love the colors, and you captured the subject beautifully. I did not notice the robin until I read your description (not that I looked at the image for too long - I expect I would have seen it had I been standing in front of the piece). I like the robin there for two reasons - (1) I think it is fun and interesting. (2) I think it balances the picture a bit - the breast and the brush bristles are about the same color. It's almost as though you used that brush to paint the bird! Well done! (And tell your wife I said - Well done! from across the pond).

  5. Hi, Phil,
    Such a fresh, delightful painting! Makes me want to grab that brush and start painting!

  6. Hello Phil,
    Another fantastic painting. Love the robin and as Dan says - a great link between the brush and bird.
    What a good idea getting your wife to arrange something to paint.
    Wish I could get to the Art Festival to see your work in person.