Saturday, February 16, 2013

Work in progress


Trying my hand at portraits again, I took this image from Wet Canvas, a brilliant site for photo reference. This is oil on acrylic paper, which has two layers of black gesso. I have to do a bit more blending and I have just realised the pose looks very much like Vermeers “Girl with a pearl earring”, so I might give her a pearl earring and make it my version of his brilliant painting, not that they can be compared!


  1. Hi Phil,
    I'm still having problems with my laptop so using a tablet but I can still see that this is going to be a great portrait. You're right,Vermeer's version doesn't compare with yours ;-)

  2. Aw shoot - one comment only, and Stew already made MY JOKE! Great progress on the portrait - they are tough! And you have a great expression on her, which makes it very interesting.

    I like your website too - very professional.

  3. Thanks Dan, pity Stew beat you to the punchline