Saturday, March 16, 2013



“Acrylic on canvas. 40”x30” “

A painting I did with my friend, well known ceramic artist Orla O’Rourke,  to display in the sun room in the Artisan cafe in Shanagarry Design Centre. We have tried to represent in an abstract way, the view from the sun room looking across the fields and bogland towards Ballycotton Bay.

Orla also has a fantastic ceramic work displayed , also in the sun room which I will upload when she gets over her shyness.

Happy St Patricks Day to everybody, hope you all have a great week end, If you happen to be in the vicinity of The Shanagarry Design Centre, please call into us “Downstairs in Shanagarry Design Centre”, where you will find loads of things to interest you.


  1. Phil, I abolutely love this one. You've captured the feeling of light and color in a beautiful landscape with sweeping, bold strokes.

  2. Me too - love it!
    It really is a wonderful painting. It is much more landscape than abstract to me - beautiful:-)

  3. I really like the looseness and texture of this painting! Great painting!!

    And Happy St. Patrick's Day! You are the first person who is actually in Ireland that I've ever said that to, too. :)

  4. Gorgeous! You've captured the essence of a beautiful place on a beautiful day. The clouds are spectactular, but then again, so is everything else about it. BTW, great background for your blog!