Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bullfinches reworked

Bullfinches. Coloured Pencil. Reworked.
bullfinch-1 (2)
Bullfinches. Coloured Pencil. Original version.

I painted this originally in 2007 and posted it on here in Jan 2011, (bottom image) but I was never really happy with it , my patience ran out building up the colour and I had an exhibition coming up so I framed it and exhibited . It didn’t sell and I wasn’t really surprised and it’s been hanging in my studio ever since. Every time I looked at it I thought “must take that down and rework it”, so finally I have. What do you think, old or new? I know what I think!


  1. Yes, the new one is much more striking. More shadows and depth as well as the colors are much more intense.