Thursday, January 7, 2010

Work in progress

It seems like forever since I posted anything to my blog, so I thought I would start the New Year with something different for me and post a work in progress.



Just before Christmas I was shown  a series of photos, taken by an artist friend , which he called “Jack Frost” for obvious reasons. I normally work only from my own reference but was so taken by some of the photos I asked could I use some, to which he agreed.


After playing around with the crop tool for a while I ended up with several photos I am going to use to try and create a series of paintings and this is the first attempt. I am using a fairly large canvas, 102x67cm and painting with oils


I don’t want to copy the picture but I do want to use the orange brown leaf as a focal point. I lightly sketched some leaf shapes in, just to have some reference, but I find as I paint that these shapes are being changed over and over again



  1. Happy New Year Phil!
    This artwork is coming along nicely. I look forward to updates of its progress.
    Cheers, Richard

  2. Thanks Richard and a happy New Year to you.