Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where did May go?

Can’t believe the month of May has gone, what happened to it? I seem to have nothing accomplished this month, in fact artistically have been totally in the doldrums, must be the after effects of the exhibition!
10 paintings sold altogether in the exhibition, ten more than we expected given the depths of the recession Ireland is going through. Sold two myself which at least covered my costs.
IMG_5080-1 (2)
This is another of my efforts at sketching with soft pastels, reasonably happy with it but I don’t think it has as much life as the other two I posted.


  1. Hi Phil,

    Glad to see your new post and congratulations for selling your pieces! Yesterday I looked in on your blog thinking I missed a post or two (I've neglected mine in favor of just painting), and was delighted to be reacquainted with the lively horse portraits. I especially love this new one. There is spirit there, but quiet, reminding me of a calm, friendly horse I used to groom eons ago.



  2. Hi Phil,

    congratulations on selling the two paintings.

    The drawing is fabulous (I like the others as well). One day I will try pastels but I think they could be a hard medium to get right.


  3. What great news! It's quite an accomplishment to sell ten paintings from a show in any economy! And your horse painting is wonderful, so soft and full of depth.

  4. Great job with the sales Phil =) you definitely deserve the credits, and I am sure they are really proud owners of your artwork. More to come!

  5. I'm with you, where DID May go????

    Congrats on the sales.