Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reworked Painting

I painted this a good while ago, as you can see its of a market, Kinsale Farmers Market to be precise. I was attracted to the strong light, but was never really happy with the finished painting, I felt the background was too strong and I didn’t like the figure in the bottom left foreground. Anyway for better or worse I changed it and would be interested what you all think about the changes.
Unfortunately the picture I took of this one did not come out so well, but you can see the changes I have made, the right hand figure has gone which I think opens up the picture more and the buildings at the back are less dominant, although looking at them now I need to straighten the edges, they look like they are falling over.
What do you think?


  1. E especilly love the figure in the lower left. I don't know what you did to improve him but I feel like I'm standing right beside him looking into the bright light and bustle of the marketplace.

  2. Phil, I really liked the original buildings. I liked their crispness. I'm not so sure about the fella in the bottom left. I think it is good that he is gone.

    But except for Mr. Bottom Left, I am seriously drawn to the first iteration.


  3. Wow, I love the new sky, the improved window treatment on the background buildings (they do seem to be leaning a bit, don't they?), and the additional shadows here and there as well.Lots more depth to the whole scene now. I kinda liked that fellow in the lower left, but you're right, removing him did open up the scene more as did the slivers of sunlight in that large shadow. Good work!!

  4. I like your changes. Your lower left figure stands out better from the dark behind him. Losing the red on the building in the background meant that I could focus on the activity in the foreground. I don't miss the fellow on the right although the art now has more of a photographic or landscape feel as opposed to the more action-y feel with the fellow stepping into the view.

  5. I looked at these for ages, trying to decide what I felt about them! Looking at the first painting, I felt as if I was more part of the market, as if I were walking into it between the two figures in the foreground. It felt busier and louder - I guess that is because the colours are brighter. The second picture gave me a sense of looking at the scene in a more detached way, as if I were sitting on a bench a little way off.
    So, my thoughts were not that one is somehow 'better' than the other but that they are very different pictures!

  6. Thanks for the comments, it's great to get other's opinions. Of course in my original post when I talked of the right hand figure having gone I of course meant the left hand figure, but you all knew that.Many thanks.

  7. I like the second one better, I feel it's lighter, in the figurate sense, too. I felt the shadows in the first one a bit threatening, colder (and maybe the person in the left corner had something to do with the feeling?). Anyway, beautiful work, both of them!

  8. Hi Phil,
    Wow, this is a hard one as both are great. I like the man on the left on the first one but I think the second just wins. It is probably for the same reason you said, the painting opens up. I like the fact you can now see the side of the stall but I couldn't say why. The light is fantastic.
    Wonderful painting Phil - I love it.

  9. Both versions look great to me! The 2nd one has certain degrees of improvements in terms of dynamic of colors. =) If I have to pick one, I'd probably pick the 2nd one.