Thursday, October 6, 2011

Work in progress (progressing)


The painting is progressing as you can see, I have most of the shapes blocked in and now its time to start refining and defining the values and to start putting in some of the details…this is where it could all go sadly wrong.


  1. I have every confidence in your ability to bring this home perfectly! It's wonderful so far. nancy

  2. Nancy said it perfectly. Love to see the blocking in....this is the part I tend to actually skip, going to details too soon.

  3. Love the progress so far ^^ I am not sure what blocking in means but I am sure it's a vital step to create drawings with higher level of realism

  4. Thanks for the comments gang
    Alex, blocking in just means filling in the main shapes with the basic color, after which I go back and put in the detail.

  5. Now, now, that's not the way to look at it! Every painting I do I reach a stage where everything can go sadly wrong - many times, this happens repeatedly. That is the fun of it, I think, the challenge.

    I love how your painting is coming along. Reminds me of Hopper. I wonder just how much detail it needs. I have just taken a watercolor (that isn't bad, but rather traditional and so boring) and decided to insert a couple to pep it up. I managed to remove most of the color where the couple should be and now is where it can all go sadly wrong. We are in this together, bro.

  6. Lovely fresh painting Phil. I tend to share the same question Dan has.....'does it need much detail?' (Just reworded it a bit ). We used to hide my dad's work at this precies point, so that he could later see that it didn't need much more work.
    Oh, I just had a strange little moment - my eye glanced over to the side of your blog and I read some text and thought, 'I could swear that I had written those same words' (little out of body experience for me right there) - then I looked again and felt fuzzy and warm that you had so recently checked my blog. Thanks so much - I will be whistling a merry little tune today in spite of the rain and wind in little Holland.