Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Work in progress


I took some pics in Cork city at the beginning of the year and have done nothing with them since. After playing around with the crop tool, came up with this, and finally started painting it on Sunday. The following are a few WIP shots, I will try to remember to keep doing it so I can show the progress.




As you can see I sketched the image in with a brush and have just started blocking in the main forms. I want to keep it quite loose without to much definition but plenty of light , we will see what happens.


  1. Your painting is coming along quite well. I like your strategy of starting out with a dark canvas. I have done a bit of that in my work, as of late, and I find it makes it a faster painting process. Thanks for sharing your process. It is always interesting to see how other artists approach their craft.

  2. Great start and I love seeing how you work. I always have a problem keeping things loose. I always want to but maybe it is just not me (however much I would like it to be).
    I love the photo, it just shouts out...'Paint me...'
    Can't wait to see more.

  3. I love seeing the process of your work. It gives me so many ideas...looking at things like I haven't thought of before.

    Can't wait to see the finished version.

    very interesting.

  4. Very nice start. I look forward to more.

  5. I like how you're simplifying the scene, it's coming on well!

  6. Curious to see how this develops further. Interesting.

  7. I love seeing this process! Not qualified to give advice, but I sure like how it is coming along.

  8. I agree with Raena above and will return to see the finished works.