Monday, January 26, 2009

"Paris Boulevard" Watercolour on Arches paper. 28x38cm

Original for sale €300

Limited edition giclee prints available €60

With our world rapidly running into recession , how is this affecting sales for the many artists out there that do not command prices in the tens of thousands. Given that all art purchases would be seen as "top end" , is the worldwide art community turning into real starving artists or are they keeping their heads above water? It would be interesting to hear opinions.

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  1. Things are starting to tighten up here in Tasmania Phil in regards to art sales. I hung an exhibition this morning in one of the cafe galleries I curate and noticed that the artist (Lolita Warboys) had quite low prices on her work. She told me that she wanted to sell them and I thought her prices were quite reasonable. My next exhibition is in April and I intend to price my work "fairly" considering the economic climate.