Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Watercolour

Wet Night in Manhattan…Ref Photo courtesy of Wet Canvas.
I wanted to credit the photographer but can’t find the image again.
Decided to try something different from faces so spent the last couple of days on this. I think its a bit  over worked but I enjoyed doing it and it is good practice. I am determined to keep at the watercolours until I beat them or they beat me.
My classes have restarted this past week so have not got as much time to paint myself.
I have a new beginners course starting on Thursday mornings if anybody is interested, still a couple of places free.


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  2. Awesome subject, and beautiful rendering - love your colors!

  3. Exciting with all the lights and everything! I like the way you suggest form without definition. Watercolor is a challenge, isn't it? My big quarrel with it lately is that splashes of color I add fade into whatever I'm working on but that's okay because of that pesky transparency, but I still love them.

  4. I love this painting.

    I had to learn that with watercolors, you only start to beat them when you realize water is going to do what water wants to do.

  5. So much life and energy in this painting. I love the reflections on the wet street and sidewalk.

  6. I'm having so much trouble with posting comments on Blogger. I keep trying on here so here goes...

    I'm with Dan, the lights are just fantastic and the way it really looks like a rainy, wet day.
    But oh...watercolour is such a hard one to tame. I love your control. And I do not think it is overworked - it is just right.
    Sign me up for the you do home visits in Dorset? :-)


  7. You are all so kind with your comments, many thanks.
    Would love to do home visits to you Stew, but I'm sure you don't need them.

  8. I do like this - nice and loose and a great use of colour. You have really nailed the wet look!

  9. Greeat use of light and shade Phil.