Saturday, January 28, 2012


Spent the last two days sketching out a couple of ideas for paintings. I used photos I took of a man in a park in Buenos Aires, don’t know  if he was a dog walker or just a dog lover, but he had about 8 dogs with him!
After spending 2 days sketching them out my wife begged me to leave them as sketches and not put colour in, so I now have to draw them again to paint them!


  1. Hello Phil,
    You may have to draw them out again to paint but she is right they are excellent drawings. I can't make my mind up which one I like the best. The top one looks like it could have been really hard to draw but then so does the bottom one.
    By the way you must have a hell of a zoom lens to take photos of someone in Buenos Aires :-)
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Stew (MAS)

  2. Eight dogs must be a handful in public. If he is a dog walker he's not doing much walking. Nicely done sketches I hope you share the paintings if you decide to make them.

  3. Great sketches. I like them both but especially the last one where the dogs are waiting patiently for him to pick up the ball and play with them.

  4. Nice sketches, I agree with your wife that they should be left as is, but I do hope you aren't really going to start over from scratch with these, there are many methods of transferring images from one surface to another, and I would think that for a painting you wouldn't want all the shading/details you included anyway. Personally I like to use tracing paper, but I work fairly small, others like light boxes or even an overhead projector, whatever works.

  5. what wonderful drawings, i love the scenes, you're right they would make great ideas for paintings. cant wait to see the painted versions.

  6. These are such beautiful sketches!