Sunday, February 13, 2011



Another discarded painting I found while rooting around in my studio. A bit stylized but with maybe a bit more colour in the sky could be revitalized. The female mallard needs a bit of work , she appears to be on the water as opposed to in the water.

Imm Grey Heron

Did this sketch of an immature Grey Heron,sitting on a small boat in Ballycotton Harbour. It flew away before I had the time to get all the colour  down, so will put some watercolour on and see how it looks.


  1. Oh! Love these works! You must be living in a beautiful place.
    These bring me back a lot of dear memories from Japan, from that enjoyable park full of ducks and other birds near the place where we lived there.

  2. These are beautiful Phil. especially the ducks, as you could totally see them in motion.

  3. Phil, especially your painting of the mallards is very striking. You are a bit of a perfectionist. The water of the heron drawing is good. Perhaps as you complete these drawings you may get rid of your 'block'.