Friday, February 4, 2011

Ordinary things


Suffering from painters block again, this is becoming a pain.Have so many unfinished paintings, and seem to be at a total loss as to how to fix them. Have been making myself sketch everyday, just ordinary things around me, so at least I’m doing something, hopefully it will lead to picking up a brush.telly1

I used a black biro for these sketches, I really like the effects you can get with them, I would usually use a pencil, but I think a pen makes you braver.


  1. Phil,
    Your sketches are marvelous. You'll break out of your rut soon enough. Thank you for giving me a new word today: "brio." Never heard the term before.


  2. Phil,

    Your sketches are lovely. I am not familiar with the biro, is that the brand name?

    I will continue to enjoy your sketches while I await your painting,


  3. yes it's just a ballpoint pen,not sure what you call them stateside

  4. Excellent pen sketches! Hope you break out of the block soon!

  5. Great sketches, makes me think of evenings by the fire reading books!

  6. Brave of you to do your sketches in pen--well done!

  7. Sketching is a great way to work through blocks. Everyone always says that about pens making you braver. That isn't the case with me. I'm braver with pencil because I know I can erase, but then I rarely do erase and it got me past the initial hesitations! I think too much when using pen, though I do still use them sometimes.