Sunday, March 25, 2012

For the birds


“Puffins”. 7”x5” Acrylic on canvas board.

For reference I used a photo from a friend of mine, DaveEdmunds,

I wish I was as good a photographer as him , because then I would be able to take decent photos of my paintings.

It looks like summer has arrived in Ireland as the weather today is brilliant, sun shining all day, should have got outside painting instead of being stuck in my studio, but at least I did some work.

Why is it that the paintings in your head never seem to get onto the canvas. I conjure up all these wonderful masterpieces in my imagination, but can never remember them when I need to. Hey ho!!!!!!


  1. Phil . nice work!! birds are just aborable. I have the same sitaution as you, sometimes I just have an idea fly into my mind but maybe forgot about it few days later
    so..that's why lots of artists they take the note with them everywhere and anytime in order to write or draw down the idea to record it right away and paint it until avaialbe. I thought it's a pretty good solution! ^^

  2. so true, that the general energy in your mind turns into something quite different once you get to work! but I've learned over many years of making and exhibiting and teaching art to accept that this is how it is! and not to sweat it.

    I am enjoying your blog a lot, and your killer sense of humor, too!

  3. Hello Phil,
    I love puffins and I love this painting.
    I know what you mean about paintings in your head that never seem to get onto the canvas. It drives me crazy. I either just plain forget them or they just do not turn out anywhere near as I imagined them to be.

  4. Lovely! These are such beautifully drawn puffins!

  5. Nicely done.

    Why not keep a notebook & quickly sketch, or make notes about the image from your head and keep it until ready to paint it?

  6. They're very cute, and it's a beautiful piece - great colors and great light!

  7. I think it is a great painting! And to have your problem of having the vision but inability to catch it, would certainly be better than having no vision at all with all the skill in the world!