Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life’s a Bitch


“Life’s a bitch.” Acrylic on paper.

The second in the “dog walker” series.Not sure why I chose to do this one in acrylic rather than watercolour, but it’s done now so it doesn’t matter, does it? The colours aren’t so bright as this, I’m just a crap photographer.


  1. Oh, this is beautiful.
    I don't know what the real colours are like but the ones I am seeing here are great.
    Another painting that I would be so proud of if I had done it.
    Everything is just right.
    Stew (MAS).

  2. They look really peaceful... a dog's life has its perks!
    Great painting, love the colors, and the feeling, both happy and calm.

  3. I am fascinated by the way you did the trees , they are perfect!

  4. Love it! The forms and colors are very natural and joyful

  5. I think the acrylics have enabled you to get great strenght to your colours.

    I like the new look. One thing, there's a pop out thingy on the right, which stopped me scrolling the page down and I had to go a different route to be able to commnet.

  6. Beautiful! outstanding colors!