Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sea Shells


“Seashells” Coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

This started off as drawing practice before a class.I started with the oyster shell and then got carried away , putting in the other shells and decided to add some colour. I do love coloured pencil, but it is very time consuming building up the layers.


  1. Nice shells! The time consuming part is what made me put away my colored pencils! Though, I have seen some wonderful work with them, I just haven't the patience to make mine look good. I did one in college that I liked very much...and I had a crick in my neck and a backache when I finished two weeks later! (It was intense...a final project kind of thing, or I would never have stuck it out!)

  2. Hello Phil,
    Nice new look to your site :-)
    These shells are great too. I have some Derwent Studio coloured pencils but I struggle to get enough colour out of them (if you know what I mean). I think I need softer pencils. Or maybe I need layer them more than I did (if I layered them at all).

  3. Nice work. I think my coloured pencils are in my parents attic. Like Stew I couldn't get enough colour... and I like the speed of water colour of ink.

  4. Beautiful results, anyway! When I use pencils one could think I'm really five years old. But seeing work like yours, makes me want to try again!