Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hi I’m Bob





My  husband is a boring old fart so I have decided to take over his blog.

I am going to show you his paintings, his studio and tell you things about our lives.

The purpose of all this is that, I want him to be a famous artist. It’s a recession folks, but we’ve still got to make a living!

I haven’t told him I am doing this…yet, so don’t squeal!



  1. Funny! Good luck his work is great and a fun blog is a bonus.

  2. great! i always find Phil's paintings are great, and now to see his studio.

  3. Well a lot of artists aren't famous till after they've died ..... so tell Phil to be VERY nice to you LOL

    ps: A lot of my Blogger friends have removed the irritating CAPTCHA thinggys from the comment page as it was deterring viewers. If you make sure your settings enable you to approve/delete comments (comments moderation page) you shouldn't get any problems.

  4. Good job Bob. Sometimes a woman just has to take matters into her own hands (while Phil paints!!)And I agree about removing the annoying captcha security. If you go under settings -> posts and comments -> word verification -> NO it will help a lot. I usually don't leave comments if the blog has captcha word verification.