Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work in progress

Morning all, thanks to everyone for reading this blog and for bearing with me while I learn to do it properly.      This is the painting that my darling husband is currently working on. I think its great but the detail of the crowd and the horses ( the most difficult part) is still to be done.  We await the finished product.IMG_0354
Here are some of Phils students paintings outside the studio. they are really good. Everyone is welcome to come visit us, even inside the studio, just smile at the bear and all will be well, mostly!!!!!P9180577
Here is the beautiful Ballycotton Lighthouse Island, we consider ourselves very lucky to live in this wonderful place. Bob the Blogger.


  1. Has Phil ever painted the lighthouse? Also if you link directly to the post on EDM it makes comments easier, thanks Bob.

  2. Many times Mary. Thanks for the advice.