Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In the studio

Hi all, this is the famous artist in studio. Please note that he is smiling !!!!! A rare enough occasion, no not really. We just had agro cos I dont know how to do a blog properly. I am learning and on my third try I’ve had more hits than him !  The whole purpose of this is to sell paintings so in the next few days I`ll show you some of my favourites. For today it`s the old stone pastel sketch which I love. Love stones me.  Till tomorrow. Bob the Blogger.


  1. I like the colors in the rocks. I too am a rock lover!!

  2. Agree with Beth, the painting of the rocks are trully beautiful. But browsing through your blog, i've seen many other beautiful painting like the ship etc.
    You are very talented Phill.

  3. You are indeed very talented. I so love the 3 paintings I have and especially the one you did of Ballyandreen for me.