Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wise Old Owl


 Barn Owl045“Barn Owl” Coloured pencil on paper.

A painting of a, sadly, declining species in Ireland but thankfully still relatively common in my area. It takes a lot of work to build up the colours with pencil but is worth it in the end. I might go over the background with acrylic as I am not really happy with it, I tried blending with white spirits but it only partially worked.


“Robin” Mixed Media

Painted this initially in 2007, with coloured pencil, but reworked it this year with acrylic in the background.


  1. They look so soft, robins background is nice good luck playing with the owls background.

  2. I love owls and I love robins - can't lose really eh?
    I cannot count the times I have thought about painting either of these birds....and then I chicken out (only a slight pun intended).
    I find it really difficult to get enough actual colour down onto the paper. I would love coloured pencils if it was not for that. You have once again done a superb job Phil.