Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Real Piece of Work

You are going to get sick of hearing about this but I will be posting regularly to remind you all to come to an exhibition of paintings by artists in my classes.

Friday 9th August @ 7.30pm

Downstairs” in Shanagarry Design Centre,

Shanagarry, Co Cork.

This is a  not to miss exhibition!!!!

Penn Castle076

It wouldn’t be my blog without a picture so here is one I painted and sold recently, of Penn Castle, which was owned by the family of William Penn who invented Pennsylvania, (hope I spelt it right). This is next door to my studio, so it was inevitable that I would paint it sooner or later.


  1. right next door?!!!!! Must be a lovely place to the painting and how great it must look framed

  2. Great rendering!! Nice neighborhood too!!