Friday, July 19, 2013

Nearly Finished



It’s very hard to settle down and paint in the stunning weather we are having, but I have managed to do some and this one is now nearing completion, just a few nicks here and there I think. It’s a largish canvas, 40”x 30”, I like this size a lot, its not too big to be intimidating. I have started another canvas this size, again of a racing scene, I will post a work in progress.

I have been very busy in the last week getting the exhibition, “A Real Piece of Work” organised. With 40 odd artists involved it’s quite an undertaking, but everybody is giving what help they can, so it will all come right at the end!

a4 flyer print-jpg2-001

If you are anywhere near the venue this exhibition is a MUST SEE!

1 comment:

  1. Wow...I nearly missed this one.
    Another with great movement.
    You're right about the weather...phew! I'm struggling to stay focused and paint.
    Stew (MAS)