Saturday, July 6, 2013


The view from the Bayview Hotel, Ballycotton, where myself and 7 others of the Old Road Painters group had our Summer night out. What more could you wish for , a view like this and superb food and wine. It was wonderful to dine “en plein eire”.
bar tailed godwit088 (2)
Here’s another one taken from one of my sketchbooks, this time a wading bird called a Bar Tailed Godwit.
Sketched this Blackbird a couple of winters ago, then put in the colour later.

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  1. I love birds and these are great paintings, love the contrast between the two of them (one is light and the other more darker, perfect for different seasons). I love them both but my favourite is the top one. We have ton of black birds and starlings here and they sure know how to make a show in our trees early in the mornings : )

    Happy Summer!!!