Friday, January 2, 2015

Another New Year

Well its that time again, when we make all those resolutions that we have no intention of keeping, even though at the time we really believe we do.

I’m not making any resolutions unless you count trying to be a better painter, which I do every year and hope that I am succeeding.

One of the paintings I finished before Christmas was a commission of three beautiful young girls which was a present for their daddies 40th birthday.


I decided to use acrylic as there was a bit of a time constraint and I wanted quick drying. I had to work from several different photographs, none of which, bar one, were of the 3 girls together, but altogether I think it worked out alright.


  1. Hello Phil.
    That is excellent. I agree with Sandra...The Daddy will be pleased :-)
    Stew (MAS)