Friday, June 8, 2012

Another work in progress



I have used this reference, of Ballycotton Pier long ago,  for paintings before, but I have just discovered the joy of using ink, with a pen and brush and I thought this would be an ideal subject to try it out on. So far I have not been disappointed, it is such fun to use and the results are amazing, I think I have just found my new best friend! As you can see by the original, some of the detail has to be guessed at a bit, the cottage behind the fishermen is still there, as are the houses behind the lifeboat station, which has subsequently been rebuilt.I am glad to say, for the sake of the fishermen, the boats now in the harbour are a major improvement.


  1. Like the way this is developing, Phil.

  2. Sounds like you are having real fun Phil, it's looking great so far :)

  3. There is something about this drawing that really speaks to me. I think that the technique is right on!

  4. Loved your marker work but ink and brush. Sound like fun. Love the flow in the sails. Do not know much about this process. Keep going.

  5. You did a really nice job capturing the water. I like the classy black and white.

  6. I particularly like the contrast of textures that seems to appear between the water and the boats, and the people. It's all really alive - and very appealing.

  7. I like the idea and reference, great job so far!

  8. Hello Phil,
    This is great! Ink is fun eh?
    Been away for a while and knew there would be something new to see.
    Did you get the light tones by adding water to the black?

    1. Yea Stew, I used it the same as you would watercolour.