Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abstraction 2

Well here's another one, I think I can definitely call this abstract. I was feeling quite proud of myself until a few minutes ago I read on the internet about a 2 year old, somewhere in Australia, turning out stuff like this, seems she's just had an exhibition and got around a £1000 a pop for her paintings. Oh well....beaten to the post again! They're calling her a child prodigy...can I be an OAP prodigy?
All jokes aside, I am really enjoying painting these and the reaction I am getting from people is very positive, so who knows, I might even sell one. My biggest problem, now that I have got over the mental block I had about abstract, is how do I name them? My imagination has'nt stretched that far yet. Any help greatly appreciated.
Theres a big hoo haa in Ireland today about some artist sneaking into two of our top galleries and hanging 2 paintings of our beloved Prime Minister naked , , showing him in a not particularly flattering light, and this being shown on the 9 pm news. Seems our ruling party are so up themselves that they think its more important to bang on about crap like this than find a way out of the considerable mess our country is in, most of which they caused! Hopefully somebody will buy these paintings and donate them to the National Gallery.

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  1. I love this work Phil! Warm, transparent, mysterious, flowing. You've got something here!
    Cheers, Richard