Monday, March 30, 2009


I am totally gobsmacked that after only a couple of weeks painting

abstracts I have sold one. The very first one I painted,the small image on the right, which I suppose is really only semi abstract was bought on Saturday, needless to say I am chuffed to say the least.

The larger image is another in my new abstract style, now I can paint them, I wish I could name them.

Tomorrow I have to deliver my paintings to the new gallery that approached me . I think the opening is on Good Friday, must check that! I am very nervous I have to admit.

On a totally different topic, I find writing posts with blogger very difficult, the photos never move where I want them to and I have problems trying to put titles etc under photos, generally speaking it is much more difficult to move things around than say my web builder. I look at other sites on blogger and they have all kinds of stuff that I find impossible to do. Does one need to know HTML code or what? or is the answer staring me in the face? Would appreciate if anyone out there could advise.