Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work in progress as yet untitled.

Nearly finished the commission I got before Christmas. Thought I had loads of time but all of a sudden it's March 1st and it has to be finished by mid March. Anyway , only have a few tweaks to do and I think its done. I don't really like commissions, though it would be harder to turn down the money.It's much easier to just paint, and if someone likes your work enough to buy it...great! but with a commission you are never quite sure what the customer wants.

Still in my studio...the receiver hasn't decided to evict us, as yet. Hopefully someone will buy the business, (anyone out there want a readymade business going cheap?).

Lovely sunny morning this a.m., maybe Spring is coming, though just saw the forecast on Sky and its supposed to get colder ...again. Shouldn't moan really, don't get that much cold down in the deep south of Ireland. be nice to see some sun and feel a bit of heat though, it might take everbodies mind of recession. Getting kinda fed up with the constant bad news, though I feel for the people losing their jobs, so glad I got out of business when I did.sick of hearing the politicians telling us we must all suffer because we all had it so good in the past, I think the vast majority of working people didn't make any fortunes and they certainly aren't responsible for the mess we are in, wouldn't it be nice to hear a politician admit they messed up!

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