Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Images untitled, Oil on canvas board, 5x7 inches unframed.
Images for sale: €50 plus pp
Spent the whole day in the studio on Sunday, the plan being to finish the commission! needless to say got diverted and decided to try my hand at a daily painting the results of which are the two images shown. I took loads of photos the previous week end in a small farmyard in Co Clare, there were ducks, geese and chickens everywhere, with a few feral pigeons thrown in, as well as a good complement of semi wild cats that amazingly seemed to ignore all the birds.
Can't think of titles so any suggestions
Sold a painting yesterday, hurray! Maybe the recession is not so bad, mind you its the first sale since before Christmas, its hard to judge the effects really as January and February are always bad months for sales, in my opinion.
Our wonderful government are making noises about doing away with the artists tax exemption as another means of solving our ever increasing deficits, just when I thought I was finished with all that.!

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