Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, what do you think of my first abstract painting. Alright , I know its only semi abstract, but for me that's a huge jump. I've been Mr Realist for so long it seems forever. I have been so tired of late with the stuff I've been doing and I desperately wanted to do something totally different. Ok I know you can see that they are flowers but at least I haven't spent days trying to get them exactly right. Unfortunately I don't think the photo does the painting justice so will try to get a better snap.
After doing this one I tried my hand at something totally abstract which I have to admit I am fairly pleased with. As soon as I manage to take a decent photo, ( I have to be the worlds worst with a camera) I will post it.


  1. How large is the work Phil? It looks good enlarged and I particularly like the background.
    I find rock patterns excellent for abstracts.
    Regards, Richard

  2. Hi Richard,thanks, its not huge, 61 x 46cm on canvas. I must try some rock patterns.i have a couple more done which I will show when I get a decent photo.