Monday, March 30, 2009


I am totally gobsmacked that after only a couple of weeks painting

abstracts I have sold one. The very first one I painted,the small image on the right, which I suppose is really only semi abstract was bought on Saturday, needless to say I am chuffed to say the least.

The larger image is another in my new abstract style, now I can paint them, I wish I could name them.

Tomorrow I have to deliver my paintings to the new gallery that approached me . I think the opening is on Good Friday, must check that! I am very nervous I have to admit.

On a totally different topic, I find writing posts with blogger very difficult, the photos never move where I want them to and I have problems trying to put titles etc under photos, generally speaking it is much more difficult to move things around than say my web builder. I look at other sites on blogger and they have all kinds of stuff that I find impossible to do. Does one need to know HTML code or what? or is the answer staring me in the face? Would appreciate if anyone out there could advise.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abstraction 2

Well here's another one, I think I can definitely call this abstract. I was feeling quite proud of myself until a few minutes ago I read on the internet about a 2 year old, somewhere in Australia, turning out stuff like this, seems she's just had an exhibition and got around a £1000 a pop for her paintings. Oh well....beaten to the post again! They're calling her a child prodigy...can I be an OAP prodigy?
All jokes aside, I am really enjoying painting these and the reaction I am getting from people is very positive, so who knows, I might even sell one. My biggest problem, now that I have got over the mental block I had about abstract, is how do I name them? My imagination has'nt stretched that far yet. Any help greatly appreciated.
Theres a big hoo haa in Ireland today about some artist sneaking into two of our top galleries and hanging 2 paintings of our beloved Prime Minister naked , , showing him in a not particularly flattering light, and this being shown on the 9 pm news. Seems our ruling party are so up themselves that they think its more important to bang on about crap like this than find a way out of the considerable mess our country is in, most of which they caused! Hopefully somebody will buy these paintings and donate them to the National Gallery.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, what do you think of my first abstract painting. Alright , I know its only semi abstract, but for me that's a huge jump. I've been Mr Realist for so long it seems forever. I have been so tired of late with the stuff I've been doing and I desperately wanted to do something totally different. Ok I know you can see that they are flowers but at least I haven't spent days trying to get them exactly right. Unfortunately I don't think the photo does the painting justice so will try to get a better snap.
After doing this one I tried my hand at something totally abstract which I have to admit I am fairly pleased with. As soon as I manage to take a decent photo, ( I have to be the worlds worst with a camera) I will post it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Commission Finished

I know I posted this picture recently, but this is the final version. Its oil on canvas and measures 120cm x 90 cm approx. The lady that commissioned the work arrived last Thursday, and as usual I was a bag of nerves, in case it wasn't exactly what she wanted. It was a great relief when she smiled and said she loved it !
After working on quite large pieces I find it nice to go to the other extreme for a while and work small. With this in mind I have been painting more geese and chickens on 12 x 18 cm canvas boards, I've been working on three together and they are nearly finished so will post them here soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Images untitled, Oil on canvas board, 5x7 inches unframed.
Images for sale: €50 plus pp
Spent the whole day in the studio on Sunday, the plan being to finish the commission! needless to say got diverted and decided to try my hand at a daily painting the results of which are the two images shown. I took loads of photos the previous week end in a small farmyard in Co Clare, there were ducks, geese and chickens everywhere, with a few feral pigeons thrown in, as well as a good complement of semi wild cats that amazingly seemed to ignore all the birds.
Can't think of titles so any suggestions
Sold a painting yesterday, hurray! Maybe the recession is not so bad, mind you its the first sale since before Christmas, its hard to judge the effects really as January and February are always bad months for sales, in my opinion.
Our wonderful government are making noises about doing away with the artists tax exemption as another means of solving our ever increasing deficits, just when I thought I was finished with all that.!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work in progress as yet untitled.

Nearly finished the commission I got before Christmas. Thought I had loads of time but all of a sudden it's March 1st and it has to be finished by mid March. Anyway , only have a few tweaks to do and I think its done. I don't really like commissions, though it would be harder to turn down the money.It's much easier to just paint, and if someone likes your work enough to buy it...great! but with a commission you are never quite sure what the customer wants.

Still in my studio...the receiver hasn't decided to evict us, as yet. Hopefully someone will buy the business, (anyone out there want a readymade business going cheap?).

Lovely sunny morning this a.m., maybe Spring is coming, though just saw the forecast on Sky and its supposed to get colder ...again. Shouldn't moan really, don't get that much cold down in the deep south of Ireland. be nice to see some sun and feel a bit of heat though, it might take everbodies mind of recession. Getting kinda fed up with the constant bad news, though I feel for the people losing their jobs, so glad I got out of business when I did.sick of hearing the politicians telling us we must all suffer because we all had it so good in the past, I think the vast majority of working people didn't make any fortunes and they certainly aren't responsible for the mess we are in, wouldn't it be nice to hear a politician admit they messed up!