Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another one finished


Seem to be on a roll at the moment,must be the sunshine giving me energy, another painting that was lying around for ever has been finished.Thats two this week, it could become a habit…..

At this rate I might actually have enough images for the upcoming exhibition!


  1. I just love the strong light and shadows. The sunshine certainly has your creative juices flowing.

  2. Cricky Phil, you really are on a roll aren't you?
    Love the shadows and light. Another cracker Phil.
    It could become a habit - Don't kick the habit!


  3. wow, that is NOT a painting - the lighting seems so real. excellent work. the shadows are great, and I particularly like how they draw your eyes to the horse in the window. They're like long, tentacle claw groping for the horse, but he's nice and safe in his little stable.

  4. I was thinking like "Awwww... Phil, you're cheating this time. That's just a photograph" :) seriously, that's amazing work

  5. Phil you are very kind thankyou for your comments :) this is a wonderful piece, I would love a stroll through those shadows until I noticed the horse too which of course I'd stop by to have a stroke! Fabulous, I look forward to seeing past and future blogs, Jules