Monday, March 21, 2011

Dancing the tango


I was in Buenos Aries in October of last year, and one of the places visited was an area called “La Boca”, a magical place where all the houses are painted bright reds and greens and blues. Being a huge tourist trap there are all kinds of street traders, artists and of course tango dancers. This couple I found particularly interesting, I presume the mans costume is traditional, and I took many photos with the thought that I would eventually make a series of paintings. This is the first, I have another two on the go, they are oil on small canvas boards , 7x5 inches.

If you would like to buy an 8”x10 “ limited edition Giclee print of this image,please visit my Etsy Shop


  1. wow this is great, I love the colour and the movement in this

  2. Lucky you, I'd love to go. I like what you did with the background!

  3. And you said you can't do faces? =) THIS IS AMAZING PHIL! And it's got faces on it

  4. Hello Phil,

    Blimey, your quick.
    Jill is right, the colour and movement is fantastic. And I also agree with Cathy, its great what you have done with the background (and I'd love to go too).
    I'm already imagining the other two - I bet the three of them together will be quite a sight.
    Amazing Phil.


  5. OH, I love the colors and festive feel of this!

  6. I love the way the background ties in with the reds on the dancers, and the undefined people watching. Great painting, and I'm definitely jealous of your trip to Buenos Aires - it's a place I've always wanted to go.