Sunday, March 6, 2011

Upcoming exhibition


I must have been working on this picture ,on and off for at least two years, I had discarded it many times, but now, with the pressure of an exhibition looming in the Grain Store, Ballymaloe I am digging out stuff that I think may cut the mustard.

I was originally attracted by the light streaming through my kitchen door on to the plants inside, but I really struggled to achieve this light when it came to painting it.Still not sure if I have managed it ,although the photo is not great, so its hard for people to judge it.

I have also been offered an exhibition in Waves restaurant in Ballycotton starting next week on the 9th March. Because of the closeness of the other venue I have decided to exhibit only “Limited edition prints”. Anybody in the area is welcome to visit.Below are some of the images that will be on display.

_N0N0013-1 (2)


_N0N0022 popy-2 


_N0N0028-1 (3)


_N0N0038 (2)