Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Weekend

Hi everybody, I am back in one piece from my groups art weekend. In fairness there was quite a lot of painting done , but also a fair amount of gin and tonic and red wine consumed. The food was amazing as all the girls in the group are tremendous cooks.

The weather could have been better but I did manage a couple of outdoor sketches using my new hand made sketchbook that I got from EDM member, Vicki Holdwick.


This one was the beach just below the house we were renting, I was lucky enough that a young couple wandered into my view, which puts a nice slice of life into the sketch.

St Declans

St Declans Cathedral dates back to the 12th century, unfortunately as you can see its a ruin, but the round tower is almost perfect, not sure what age that is.

There is a lovely cafe/gallery if you are ever in Ardmore , Co Waterford, run by artist,Breda O’Brien, she has kindly asked the group to exhibit some of our work in June .


  1. awesome sketches Phil. :) Like I said earlier, it really makes me want to make another trip to Ireland(this time not alone)whenever you do landscapes. I miss the Irish scenery, and I miss the Irish hospitality

  2. These are wonderful little studies! I'm so glad you like your new sketchbook - it clearly works very well with watercolor! nancy

  3. I just knew you would be having a wonderful time and producing some beautiful work in your sketchbook!! Good for you. Looking forward to more!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! Art, nature, wine, food and good company... Better, impossible!
    I'm longing for that beach on your sketch... Lovely!

  5. I really, really love that first one. And I agree that you got lucky with the couple wandering into your view.

  6. These are great sketches Phil and I'm quite envious of your new sketchbook and your little holiday!

  7. Nice sketches Phil.