Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catching the Tide


“Catching the tide” Pen and watercolour.

Its impossible to live so close to the sea in a fishing village without painting the sea and the boats that rely on it . A couple of years ago I did a series of some of the local boats and thought it might make an interesting post

_n0n0008 (2)

“Tying up” Pen and Watercolour

Most of the boats fishing from the village are small day boats that leave early morning and return at night, only rarely staying out overnight.

_n0n0007 (2)

“Waiting for the Tide” Pen and watercolour

_n0n0010 (3)

“Trev’s big catch” Pen and watercolour

This last painting is of my son-in-law and his boat, and I gave him the original which was then entitled “Trevs other big catch” referring to the fact that my daughter was his first big catch. I hope he saw the humour.


  1. These are wonderful watercolors - came by to see EDM challenge and got to se these on my way.

  2. Your watercolors are awesome! Love the way you use the colors, it's very original and powerful. Great subject, too!

  3. Fantastic watercolours, reminds me of the fishing boats here in Sicily.

  4. Awesome! These are my favorite!

  5. love your style. Someday I'd like to do waves like you do.