Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The last paddle


The sun is shining today and we are having a heatwave… 10c! This reminded me that Ireland is not always cold and wet, so I decided to post something that reminded me of summer.

I have several photos of my grandson, niece and a friend of theirs, playing on the beach and used them as a reference for this sketch, think it might actually make a painting.

Having a clear out of my studio and found 14 unfinished paintings, so one of my New Year resolutions is to try and finish them. Amongst the debris found this one which is finished.


Not the best photo , but it gives you the idea. I painted this last year on an old piece of board, which I first painted with black gesso and then used oils on top.


  1. I like this piece very much and think it would make a splendid painting. I really like how you handled the water in the foreground, and the sky is very dynamic! nancy

  2. the rose painting is really lovely

  3. What a lovely rose. The lower petal seems to be reaching right out of the painting. If you turn your beachside sketch into a painting please be sure to post it.I'd like to see how it compares to your sketch, what changes you choose to make.

  4. The beach is very nice. The rose is awesome too. I think roses are hard hard hard to draw and paint!

  5. There's a nice mood in this 'paddle' painting - one of anticipation/daring.
    Worth developing Phil.
    20c here this morning and it's raining.

  6. Very nice clouds and reflections in the first piece. I like the color of the rose. It's really lovely.

  7. Lovely painting of the rose, the modeling make it feel as if you could reach out and touch it! The children sketch is very nice and would make a delightful painting-- I'd love to see what you do with it.