Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still Cold

Hi all, had a busy few days so haven’t found the time to post anything.My art classes are back in full swing, running 5 of them a week, which is great and have an exhibition coming up soon, at the end of April, so really got to get some work done.


Here’s one I started a few weeks ago, but as usual the fire went out and I’m left struggling what to do with it. I have already painted out the evergreens at the back of the shed, although in life they are there , they seem to not fit the picture.I have replaced them with leafless ,winter, trees.


This is the photo I took , so as you can see I have a ways to go.My painting is altogether too warm. I made the opening in the half door larger because I may put a horse looking out and while Doing this post have decided I might put a couple walking down the lane. Watch this space!

On a different note, I was honoured and delighted to receive an invite from Cathy Johnson, to contribute to the blog Sketching in Nature .This is a wonderful blog with amazing artists .I posted my first contribution last night, so if you have a chance take a peek.