Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still Cold

Hi all, had a busy few days so haven’t found the time to post anything.My art classes are back in full swing, running 5 of them a week, which is great and have an exhibition coming up soon, at the end of April, so really got to get some work done.


Here’s one I started a few weeks ago, but as usual the fire went out and I’m left struggling what to do with it. I have already painted out the evergreens at the back of the shed, although in life they are there , they seem to not fit the picture.I have replaced them with leafless ,winter, trees.


This is the photo I took , so as you can see I have a ways to go.My painting is altogether too warm. I made the opening in the half door larger because I may put a horse looking out and while Doing this post have decided I might put a couple walking down the lane. Watch this space!

On a different note, I was honoured and delighted to receive an invite from Cathy Johnson, to contribute to the blog Sketching in Nature .This is a wonderful blog with amazing artists .I posted my first contribution last night, so if you have a chance take a peek.


  1. Congrats on the invitation. I like your first post.

    Despite the reference photo, for me the sky in your painting is too blur for the winter starkness. The shadows, on the other hand, are fab.

  2. This is really coming along, Phil. I, too, really like the shadows.

    Can't wait to see where you go next. I like the idea of horses added.


  3. I enjoy seeing your progress and hearing what you think about as you go!

  4. I like your trees and branches and the idea of a couple walking down the road.

  5. What is interesting about the photo is that the shadows of the trees all draw the eye to one point on the 'shed' (is it a shed or a small barn?). You have done this too in your painting except less so. That may be why you are thinking you need to add something for extra interest. I personally don't think so but a horse looking over the stable door might be a nice addition. You are keeping us in suspense.