Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coloured Pencil

bullfinch-1 (2)


Tried my hand at coloured pencil for a while a couple of years ago, have to say that I really like them, although I have a lot to learn about them. The biggest problem I have with them is my own patience as it takes ages to build up the colour and after a short while I start thinking “if I used paint it would be done by now”. Anyway ,thought I’d put a couple on line just to see what people think, and maybe I’ll find the patience to try them again




  1. Those bullfinches are effin stunning Phil!
    The level of perspective and detail on the wings and mantle. Classy!

  2. These look wonderful to me, too. I think you've captured them very well and it looks like you've used enough colored pencil to show detail as well.


  3. Lovely drawings, coloured pencils are ideal for feathers, fur etc, you can get so much detail.
    As for the time..well I've tried different ways to speed up the process -underpainting with watercolour or w/c pencils or you can use different solvents to smooth out the coloured pencil with a paint brush. But like you said, you might as well paint the picture instead!

  4. Wonderful work on the birds, great individuality and detail.

  5. Such cute birds! =) I've always liked birds that look chubby and fat, they are adorable. You drew them so well.
    Thanks for the comments

  6. I think these are terrific! Personally, I haven't the patience for it though! (And my neck and shoulders thank me!)

  7. These are really well done. Colored pencil is, to me, a rather tricky medium and I have a lot to learn about it (among the many things I have to learn is patience!). nancy

  8. These are terrific! I especially like the bullfinches st the top. Yes! Do more colored pencil!